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Fusel + APIAN


Fusel (Post-Punk-Noise//Gießen)
Maike, Juliane and Christopher formed Fusel while helping a friend move house. After a few band practices confined to 14m2 they had already recorded their first album „Motel Without Pool“. Touring city and countryside, clubs and festivals their hometown Gießen turned Tinseltown for a bit. The slightly dire atmosphere of a provincial town bang next to a motorway oscillates in Fusel’s dynamic sound, which – created with a lo-fi attitude – is hard to pin down to a specific style of music. Some call Fusel a shoegaze/noise trio, a post-punk „Neue Stuttgarter Schule“ band or even a dreamy krautrock collective. Definitely divergent! Look forward to songs about weddings and schnapps amongst others, (and a tv on stage).

Apian (Shoegaze, Postpunk//München)
Shoegaze-Sound from Munich with a tight Pop-Appeal and straight Postpunk-roots. You´re gonna like this, promise!

Einlass: 20.30 Uhr
Beginn: 21.15 Uhr

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