A P I A N is a post punk/shoegaze quintet, working on its sound with perfectionism and a neurotic passion for sonic detail.

The product of this work is a soundtrack for daydreams and nightmares, woven from psychedelic guitars and a soft warm voice, losing itself in vast reverberations, supported by muscular drums and an enigmatic, grooving bass. Some draw a line to Sonic Youth’s works, but there’s definitely more: An afterglow of the psychedelic 60ies & Krautrock, darkness like in the best times of the Cure as well as a taste of a 90ies-ish Wall of Sound.
In 2019 we finally recorded and released out self-titled debut album physically and via the usual streaming services.
A P I A N lives in the twilight of melancholy and bliss, shivering in a raging standstill. Feel free to immerge & lose your self in our sound…